Well, that was easy!

Happy Taxes Season!


After years of having my dad and our family accountant handle my taxes I decided it was time to be a real adult and do it myself. I felt to so proud of the “I can do it!” feeling I had with this new adult thing. But after I agreed to do it I was worried what I got into ….

taxes dueApril 15th is arriving soon, so I’m sharing a checklist of everything you’ll need to file your income taxes.  A lot of recent Post Grad Lifers do not have a lot in their name so taxes are not as difficult as they look. I used TurboTax and since my taxes were so simple I was able to do them for free.

  • W-2’s for each job held in 2015
  • Any other payments you have made
  • Your school Form 1098-T
  • Your drivers license & social security number
  • Laptop or phone
  • A comfortable chair, it can take a while

After lots of clicking and some more clicking NEXT, it was finally done! I encourage everyone to at least do your taxes once before you are married, have kids, a mortgage and a million other things that make you need to get an accountant to do them.

Good luck, everyone!

(&Enjoy your refunds!!)



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