2023 Goals

Looking Back at 2022

As I was reading about the goals I set for myself this time last year, it was interesting to see what I put my energy into this year. I was dedicated to my job and growing into my new role as my company transitioned and grew. While I made work a priority, I didn’t have much time left in the day for this little corner of the internet. It’s made me a little sad because when I did have a free minute to jump on my laptop and share an outfit or one of my favorite things, I didn’t have the creative energy left to give to Blonde Rosie content.

This year I committed to going out more and trying more restaurants in Philadelphia. We did a good job of making a weekly date night and sticking to it. We love our neighborhood places like Pub and Kitchen or Grace’s Tavern which is great for after a long day and you want to grab a drink with dinner. Pietro’s in Rittenhouse is an Italian restaurant we always forget about we recently took my parents to it and fell in love with it again. After years of walking by Parc, it is now our most frequented restaurant here in Philly.

I set a lot of goals for myself last year that I didn’t get to and I’m accepting that it is okay. I spent more of my free time out with Jake and building relationships with new friends. Now that I’m older I am learning how hard it is to juggle life, work, friendships, and sleep. Having a healthy work-life balance takes work and I look forward to investing more energy into that balance this year.

My Goal For 2023

I like to pick a word for the year that sets the tone for my goals for the year. This year I am focusing on health; my mental and physical health. For years I have been wanting to join a fitness studio and couldn’t because I didn’t have the income to make the commitment. Now I have the income to sign up for classes but I don’t have the time because of my job’s schedule. Funny how life works out that way, huh? When work is busy which feels like all the time, I can feel my mental health taking a toll and I want to do things that are good for my mental health. This year I’m planning to spend less time on my phone, not work late every night, go to bed at a normal time and make time for my hobbies. If you do one thing this year, invest in self-care! I have always been really dedicated to my nighttime skincare routine and use the right products for my skin. I recently went to a med-spa and was told again and again how healthy my skin was.

I have a lot of fun travel planned for this year and I am SO EXCITED! Our trip to London in the spring is booked and I’m starting to shop for it now. In May we are flying down to Florida again to spend the week with Jake’s family and I’m looking forward to sunny warm weather. Jake has been doing a lot of travel for work lately and I’m hoping to join him this summer on his trips to NYC and a few other office visits that come up. I want to plan a few small weekend getaways that are a short drive away and do more things in Philly.

One of the reasons my blog content has been nonexistent lately is because I am trying to save money and not spend it on stuff. Each month I put a big chunk into my savings account that I don’t touch. I’m saving for some big life events coming up in the next few years. This past year, I started putting a lot of my belongings in storage in the basement or getting rid of stuff I didn’t use. I have been loving to look at pictures on Instagram and Pinterest with a minimalistic look. I hate coming home to a messy home and my goal this January while we put away Christmas decorations is to purge and get rid of things that can turn into clutter.

So this year is going to hopefully involve a lot of yoga classes, making time for my mental health, lots of travel, and just slowing down to enjoy life!


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