How I’m Wearing Ankle Boots This Season

It’s currently raining while I sit in my office planning content for this month so it must mean that it’s officially boots season! We have had some weather that teased us of an endless summer the last few weeks which have been making my daily walks very enjoyable. At times I’ve wished for a breeze or two when I actually dressed for fall weather and not for the warmer days it has been recently. I’m excited to start wearing my boots again because they are such a closet staple in the colder months. They are just so comfy and are fun to wear. I remember when I first started buying them a few years ago and there weren’t that many options, classic leather or suede and usually in conservative designs and colors. Nowadays, there are so many different designs and looks you can put together with booties. Right now I have my eyes on black booties with pearl details which is a genius way to switch things up with the classic black boot and make it more feminine. I put together some boots I have my eyes on this season and I hope it inspires you to add some new boots with embellishments and fun new details to your closet this year.

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I have a pair of black suede booties that I call my comfortable but fashionable commuting shoe for work. Obviously I’m not commuting to an office these days, but at one time they were once my favorite shoe to slip on and chase after the train. I love a suede boot for everyday wear and the scallop details on these add a nice feminine detail to them.


When I went to Nashville a few years ago I looked at the traditional western cowboy boots and walked out of the store when I saw the price of a boot I would wear once. That is why I love these updated western style because they are cute as well as practical for an everyday style. Pair with a dress or skirt with black tights for a more comfortable option than heels for a dressed up look.


Over time I have accumulated a few pairs of leather Cole Haan boots because the quality is amazing and they will last for a long time. I’m a big fan of this style because they are great for weather (rain and snow) and only improve over time as they get worn in. I’ll be grabbing these a lot as my go-to daily shoe to run errands or a daily walk.


I love this chic boot because it’s versatile and really can go with any outfit. The sleek and pointed toe make any outfit sexy and dress up a look without much effort. Wear with black tights for a polished sleek look or tuck in your pants to show off the structure of the boot.


No doubt this style turns heads with it’s shine and sleek silhouette. I’m loving this new take on this modern style boot because it can be worn with light denim during the day or dresses at night. I hope this trendy style stays for a while because it’s such a fresh take on the classic black boot.


For those who have enough black boots in their closet and are looking for something new, I love this splash of animal print. When you need a break from the usual black boots, the animal print add some fun to any outfit without overly committing to the animal print look.


This year is all about the embellishments on boots and I am loving every style I see. I like this style specifically because it’s fun while still being conservative with the crystal balls on the heels. At first glance it’s a great leather boot and the embellishments add some fun to any outfit. The embellishments can help elevate any look and allows you to have add some sparkle to an all black outfit.


How did I go this long without boots that have pearls on them?! I first saw this style trending a few weeks ago and it immediately made me stop scrolling to stare at them. These are perfect for those who are looking for a more feminine boot style. Pair with a pink coat or preppy black and white outfit to take chic to a whole new level. Never in a million years would I pair pearls with combat boots or think to wear combat boots with a preppy outfit until now.


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