How to Enjoy the Extra Daylight

I am so excited about daylight savings because of the extra hour of daylight we get. My mood has significantly improved and while waking up has been a bit of a struggle, I know that it’s going to be worth it! Sure, we still have 24 hours in a day but that extra hour of daylight helps me feel so much more motivated after work. For once, I actually want to do errands after work or go to the gym. Usually I dread my walk home from work because it is dark and cold, but that sun is still shining when I get out of work and it feels amazing! Here are some things that I will be doing with that extra sunshine after work.

Daily Walks

Okay, so I moved to the city to be able to enjoy living in a city. However, all winter long I have been going home immediately after work to avoid the cold. Now with the sunshine after work, I feel more motivated to walk around the city. One of my favorite things to do when I first moved here was to just start walking and learn my way around. Maybe now I will finally hit my step goal for the day!

Try New Restaurants

I cannot tell you how many times Jake and I have made plans to go out to dinner after work, but when I leave the office at 7 I lose all motivation to go. Now with this extra sunshine, I am hoping that we won’t mind staying out for a few hours before heading home. It’s amazing what sunshine can do to your overall mood! My friends and I would always make plans to grab dinner after work in the summer but now with the cold, dark weather we haven’t been that inspired to make the effort. I’m looking forward to eating outside again at some of our favorite restaurants!

Enjoy the Motivation

I hate coming home and it being so dark outside. There are a million things I could do, but instead I prefer to just sit on my couch until it’s time for dinner. Now maybe I will finally get to those projects I have been putting off or will go to the gym. Run those errands, read a book, or do something while you still have some daylight! The golden hour is also a perfect time to take photos for Instagram so go do something worthy of posting to the ‘gram!

Cook Dinner

Remember those cold winter months when we would get home and just want whatever was easy and quick to make for dinner? Now that I can trick myself into thinking I have more time in my day, I am motivated to actually make a real dinner.

Make Plans with Your Friends

First, do some research and make a list of your favorite restaurants or places that you have been wanting to try. My trick is to look of food accounts or bloggers in your areas and see where they eat. I keep all of the restaurants I like or want to try in a note in my phone so I never have to think about where to eat. Then text a friend and see what time works for them. The hard part is always finding a place to go so make it easy and pick it out ahead of time.

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