What to do the first week of the new year + my 2019 goals

This may seem very lame to a lot of you, but I spent my January 1st deep cleaning my entire apartment. The apartment wasn’t even that messy but I had an extra day off and wanted to take advantage of it. I have this need to start my year with a clean space, laundry washed and put away and everything in order. Jake and I slept late on New Years Day and he surprised me with breakfast. We watched a few movies before watching House of Cards since he never saw it and I wanted to rewatch the series before watching the final season. For some reason, I could not sit still so I started doing laundry which turned into me deep cleaning my entire apartment. This weekend we have nothing to do, which is very rare because we always have somewhere to be or errands to do. I wanted to get as much done as I could on New Years Day so I could relax the rest of the week. To make sure I am in good shape for 2019, I made some goals for myself to complete this week.

Drink More Water

This is something I really want to make more a of a habit of. I have been feeling sick and lightheaded a lot lately and 99% of the time it is because I am dehydrated.

Workout More

The last few months I have gained some weight and I blame sitting at a desk for nine hours a day! Since none of my pants fit right now, my goal is to get back into the routine of working out at least three times a week.

Deep Clean + Purge

I spent New Years Day cleaning my apartment and organizing all of my drawers. When I finished all of my laundry and had no room to hang a shirt, I knew it was time to purge my closet. All of my cabinets are clean and my kitchen is stocked with food ready to start 2019!


My planner is ready for 2019! I wrote more about how I use my planner here.

Stay Healthy

Stock up on vitamins and healthy foods! If you have vitamins in an easily accessible place, you are more likely to use them. I bought a ton of healthy food and veggies to snack on!

Goals for 2019

Journal more.

Read more books.

Finish reading Grace Not Perfection.

Making Time for Mani/Pedis

Coffee Shops

Try a New Restaurant a Week


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