Making Sleep A Priority

Outfit Details: pajama set under $20

I don’t know when exactly, but all of a sudden I started to need more sleep to function throughout the day. I also started to get tired around 9pm at night, which is very different from my sleep schedule just six months ago when I would be awake until 2am most nights. Since starting my new job, I have adjusted my sleep schedule to make sleep a priority. Most nights I wake up in panic at 2am, 4am and 7am because I am terrified that I overslept and I am late to work. While on the phone with my mom last week, I told her about my abrupt waking up in the middle of the night and she informed me that it was probably because for the first time, I am living alone and I have no one to wake me up in case I overslept. Even when I would set an alarm at home with my parents, I would hit snooze a dozen times some days and my dad would have to shake me to get me out of bed. After a long day of work, my body is ready for bed before 11pm.  I go into the office later in the day, but I still try not to waste my morning sleeping late, so I set my alarm for 6am most mornings.

I no longer have a job where I can be a little late because my walk to work is 40 minutes long. An extra red light or hitting that snooze button on my alarm one more time really impacts how my day is going to be. I hate feeling rushed on my way to work and prefer to leisurely stroll into work without speed walking. I’ve done the speed walking thing- it is no way to start your day! By sticking to an early bedtime and waking up early even on weekends, my body has started to wake up on its own in the morning, which to me is a big accomplishment. Most weekends I cannot sleep past 8am, which is crazy for me because I used to sleep until noon whenever I could.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, my social life went from nonexistent to being out until 3am on Friday and this rarely happens! I was up a few hours after I went to bed on Saturday and headed home for the weekend. My plan was to sleep in on Sunday because it’s something I haven’t done in forever. But when 8am came, my eyes were open and I was ready to start the day! As annoyed as I was about waking up early on a day I could sleep late, I was happy that I had more time to do things in the day.

I have come to the conclusion that I need sleep to function, and while the old me could be up until 2am every night and make it to work on time- those days are definitely behind me. Since moving into my own apartment, I have made going to bed a special time of the day focused on unwinding and a little pampering. I wear cute pajamas, get into a made bed and turn on a movie all before 11pm. I used to find sleep a waste of time because there was so much else to do in the day, but now I love my unwinding part of my day.

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