Summer Bucket List

I just finalized my plans for Memorial Day weekend, which has put me in the mood to start making plans for this summer. Since we are selling our house, this will be my last summer living in my little beach time making me appreciate every single beach day a little bit more. I have family from Texas visiting for Memorial Day, so I am leaving the City and heading to the Shore making me sound more like a tourist than a local for the first time in my life. Living in Philly for the summer will be a first for me and oh my goodness, there is so much I want to do! Most of all I want to take advantage of new friends and being in a new city where there really is so much to do. From Happy Hours after work to going to the Zoo on the weekends, I want to just experience it all! So to all of my Philly readers, let’s make some plans!

summer bucket list


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