places to go, people to see

One of my biggest New Years Resolutions is to travel and every year I budget for vacations big and small. One of the most difficult parts about life after college is that my friends are now all over the country. From Boston to Atlanta, there are a lot of miles that separate us. However, I am happy to report that with Snapchat and texting, we are able to remain in each others lives. One of the reasons I started my blog was to document what I was up to to easily share with friends. So far in 2017, I have been to Atlanta, Georgia and multiple towns in Florida but I am craving a new adventure…. img_4297img_4510

Topsail Island, North Carolina // This week my family and I are organizing a week vacation in Topsail, North Carolina with some extended family for the summer and I am so excited! I have been to South Carolina before, but never to North Carolina. A few years ago I went to South Carolina to visit a friend but I am so excited to explore North Carolina with the family!



Washington DC // My best friend from middle school moved to Washington DC with her boyfriend and has been asking me for months to visit. I finally texted her and asked when I can come. I think this is going to be my next trip as long as I can get off of work. DC is one of my favorite places and if I had the money, I would move there in a minute! I have done the touristy things before, but I am looking forward to doing DC like a local. P1000293

Charleston, SC // My mom and I are avid readers of Southern Living and now we are trying to plan a girls trip to Charleston in the spring or summer. My mom has never been and when I did visit a few years ago it was only a short day trip. Even though it was just a few hours, I immediately fell in love with the city. I went with some college students who went to USC who knew Charleston like the back of their hands, so I was lucky to have a tour guide with me. There was one guy who we walked around with who was a fellow history nerd so I got to see the pretty buildings and learn about its historical significance. win win for me!


Chicago // My aunt now lives in Chicago full time and I really want to take advantage of that and go visit for a long weekend. I went when I was a little kid and barely remember it. My aunt always talks about the fancy bars and restaurants and I feel like every other style blogger is in Chicago! When the weather warms up, I plan on flying out there.

Savannah, Georgia // When I went to visit my college roommate in Atlanta back in February, I was bummed we didn’t have time for Savannah. However, when your friend says you can visit anytime, definitely take advantage of that open invitation! Over the summer my friend and I have plans for a weekend in Savannah where we will get a nice hotel and get to explore the city. img_4389

Cape Cod, MA // We did a family trip to Cape Cod years ago and I have been itching to get back there! One of my best friends from college lives in Boston, so I am hoping I can convince her to do a Cape Cod trip with me over the summer. DSCN2925

I am sure my plans will change in 2017 and new trips will be added, but I hope I can make all of these trips possible! One of the reasons I am working two part time jobs is the flexibility to schedule a trip last minute and not have to worry about begging work for the time off!

Let me know if there are any places I need to visit in 2017!

Some of my other travels the last few years are…

Atlanta, Georgia

West Palm Beach, Universal and Siesta Key Beach Florida

Nashville, Tennessee

Philadelphia, PA

Avalon, NJ

Austin, San AntonioMagnolia Market, Texas

Boston, Massachusetts


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